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Wedding dresses are produced in bulk in large quantities, which does not affect the quality of products. We are more versatile, and we produce not only wedding products, but also luxurious evening dresses.

In the relevant sections of the site you can find such products: bridal veils, bolero and capes, gloves, trousers, diadems, bridal handbags, cases and dummies for dresses, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, bouquets for the bride, ribbons, hair clips.

The company "Perfioni" is one of the largest and most successful manufacturers on the market of wedding goods, which sell wedding dresses wholesale in Ukraine and in the world. We are engaged in the production of the most delicate wedding dresses in bulk, beautiful evening dresses, and also children's festive attires. The quality of our products has been tested by many successful sales not only in the Ukrainian market of the wedding industry, but also far beyond the borders of the country.

Annually, we present to the attention of our customers and partners a new collection, which is a complete lineup of wedding dresses, evening dresses and children's dresses, as well as a wide range of wedding accessories. Our wholesale buyers have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a wide range of unique models that have no analogues. We sell high-quality wedding dresses in bulk from the manufacturer at the most pleasant prices.

The faultless reputation of the manufacturer of wedding dresses "Perfioni" is the result of a long, creative and hard work on each product, starting from the painstaking drawings of the best designers, finishing with a careful selection of the ideal fittings. Of course, we do not forget about the best materials and the most fashionable styles - but all the skill can be seen in detail.